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Never dine alone!

Muster, a location based social discovery app is here to provide
a new dining experience!

50,000+ Downloads
& Counting

A simplified way to find and connect with people in your locality over a meal or a drink! Manage and grow your network wherever you are!

Location based networking

Muster allows your GPS to locate restaurants and users around you to choose from. In short, it allows you to meet greet and eat with people in your locality.

We're here to remind you!

Receive reminder alerts from Muster 3 hours before a meeting is due.

Find your kind of people

Find users suiting your search criteria based on age, proximity, eating and drinking habits

Chat away!

Chat with users in your locality after your meeting invitation gets accepted by them

When would Muster be of help?

Here is an interesting scenario where Muster could come in handy! Want to make airport overlays interesting? Meet and share a cup of coffee with someone who is waiting for their flight and trying to kill time!

Modify the invitations :

Want to make modifications to invitations sent or received? It's easy-peasy with Muster.